Pastoral Family Care

Who we are, why are we here, what do we do and How do we do what we do!

Pastoral and Missionary Mentorship Consultancy

We are Mission Leader Network consultancy that provides a pastoral presence and support resources for Pastors, Christian Leaders, Church workers, their families and congregations in a number of key areas.

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Our Mission

Mission Leaders Network is a Pastoral care support initiative of the LMC Global assisting and restoring Pastors and Christian Leaders and their families by providing Christ-centered, holistic enrichment toward a focused and hopeful sense of call and identity; and consultation and resources for growth in a changing environment of ministry.

Mission Leaders Network is ….

• A resource for Pastors, Spouse, Church workers, their families and Christian leaders.
• A sanctuary where God is working out something new for a new beginning.
• A Pastoral Care and family hope Ministry Outreach initiatives for Christian Leaders.
• A safe place where difficult conversations are open and discuss for God solution and answers.
• A refuge where Pastors, Church Leaders and Missionaries workers seek good health and healing from God.
• A help for Congregations in times of challenge and hard times.

Mission Leaders Network is supported by people like you, who through prayer and the Holy Spirit guidance help us to serve others better for God’s glory.

Our Purpose

Mission Leaders Network Consultation began in 2016 with a profoundly simple goal—to provide safe sanctuary to assist Ministers of the Gospel, their family and their Church/Ministries in tackling and addressing difficult and challenges in life and service. Our role is to focus on the individual Pastors, family, marital and congregational struggles that may hamper ministry.
Mission Leaders Network has been present when . . .
• A pastor needed to talk about deeply personal and family issues
• Engaging pastors, Christian Leaders and Church workers who wanted to gather for mutual support and encouragement
• Pastors wrestled with vocational issues and congregational expectations
• Conflicted congregations struggled during interim situations
• Divorced issues of Pastors and spouses who felt alienated and abandoned.
MLN is a ministry that provides encouragement, support and a word of hope that God will create new lives and new possibilities in the midst of turmoil and uncertainty.

We’re Objective, Constructive and Supportive.


Consulting Expertise & Ministry Delivery
(Well balance and Intuitive rich experience)

• Organizational Structures
• Management and Administration
• Missions/Vision clarification & integration
• Equipping and training
• Leadership Development
• Values clarification and integration
• Spiritual Gifts Discovery and Assessment
• Strategic planning and Execution
• And many more


We are rich in experience, professional prepared and friendly service to all

• Providing biblical guidance and leadership to Pastors and Leaders.
• Always available and ready to bless you with what we have.
• Approaching issues from the biblical standpoint and living testimony.
• Constructive engagement with good success and result oriented.


Outstanding and very Support

Our competent leaders and resource persons are very functional and rich in the things of God, this way you have plenty of resources within a hand reach. They are also very easy to approach, open to all when call upon.



Mentoring and Reconciliation Ministry in the Church


Mentoring and Counseling Pastor and his Family

The cross of Christ is first and centrally God’s means of reconciling sinful people to his sinless self. But it is bigger than that too. From the ground we see the cross as our bridge to God. From the air, the cross is our bridge to the restoration of all things. The cross of the battered Son of God is the battering ram through the blockade into Eden. It is our key into a better Eden, into the wonders of the new-covenant kingdom, of which the old was just a shadow. The cross is the linchpin in God’s plan to restore all creation. Is it any wonder, then, that the empty tomb opened out into a garden. By Tony Reinke(@tonyreinke) is senior writer for Desiring God. .

The greatest stumbling block for children in worship is that their parents do not cherish the hour. Children can feel the difference between duty and delight. Therefore, the first and most important job of a parent is to fall in love with the worship of God. You can’t impart what you don’t possess. Something seems wrong when parents want to take their children in the formative years and put them with other children and other adults to form their attitude and behavior in worship. Parents should be jealous to model for their children the tremendous value they put on reverence in the presence of Almighty God. We discovered that the very earliest ‘school’ for worship is in the home. By John Piper.