Every Pastor and Every Church Leader Needs A Mentor. Do You Have One?


What We Do

Our Mission – Work with Church Leadership 

  1. Every church and ministry has a special God-given potential (“He gave talents to each according to their ability.” Matthew 25:15, “Eph 4:11. And he gave some, apostles; and some, prophets; and some, evangelists; and some, pastors and teachers”; Eph 4:11-13). We as consultancy we seek to help discovery and recovery this hidden God given potential within the body of Christ for maximums use and to the glory of God.
  2. We aim to help discover the obstacles facing your local church or organization and to guide Church leaders towards a customized and Biblical based plan to overcome limitations, challenges and risk. We will achieve this through Consultation, Training, Mentoring, Coaching and Conferences, tackling most areas of church and ministry within the body of Christ.
  3. We are committed from leading change in your church/ ministry governance to developing innovative strategies for community outreach to managing the staff of your nonprofit ministry.
  4. Our Mission is to move the local church into mission and evangelism by cultivating a collaborative network of churches who together are willing to start new churches, and helps existing churches fulfill their mandate more effectively
  5. The global Christian community will be informed and prepared for risks and dangers as they serve in their respective field of operation. Mission Leaders Network will accomplish this by working collaboratively with the Community of Churches and Leadership of other Christian organizations.
  6. We seek to work with the Pastors, the local churches, and communities to unlock potential for service to God and service to man.
  7. We are here and ready to help! Not to take over your church or ministry.
MLN: I Have Mentor

We’re Objective, Constructive and Supportive.

Objective in Delivery 

Consulting expertise and ministry delivery (well-balanced and intuitively rich experience)

• Organizational Structures
• Management and Administration
• Mission and vision clarification & integration
• Equipping and training
• Leadership Development
• Values clarification and integration
• Spiritual Gifts Discovery and Assessment
• Strategic planning and Execution
• And many more

Constructive in Engagement 

We are rich in experience, professional prepared and friendly service to all

• Providing biblical guidance and leadership to Pastors and leaders
• Always available and ready to bless the man or woman called by God into ministry with what we have received from God as a gift.
• Approaching issues from a biblical standpoint and living testimony.
• Constructive engagement with good success and being result oriented.

Supportive & Friendly 

Outstanding and very Support: Our competent leaders and resource persons are very functional and rich in the things of God, this way you have plenty of resources within a hand reach. They are also very easy to approach, open to all when called upon.

Our Guarantee

We offer a full mentorship ministry program for all Pastors, Church leaders and Christian Workers. We guarantee to walk alone with you and ministry, and never leave you half way along the path of destiny. Count on us. We’re at your service and well-being. Contact us for more information. Let’s Talk