Every Pastor and Every Church Leader Needs A Mentor. Do You Have One?

Pastoral Clinic

You Call this Pastoral Care, We Call this Pastoral Clinic!

What is Pastoral Clinic?

It’s a place or a theater where pastor meet pastor and leader meet leader to openly, sincerely and carefully diagnosed the inner personal struggles, battles, challenges, anxiety and life issues that confronts the Servant of God (Man and Woman of God) in their everyday life and ministry. Whether in Church life, Public life, Social Life, Marital and personal life, issues that cannot be discuss publicly and or with a member of the church.

Pastoral Clinic is a place where pastor meet pastor to have open and transparent life talk with the aim of working together to resolve and solve issues, to find answers and solution together as they opens up to each other with the Holy Scriptures and with the help of the Holy Spirit in their personal, family and missionary walk.

“Who Pastor the Pastor, Who Preach to the Preacher, Who teach the Teacher, Who Counseling the Counselor and who lead the Leader? These are questions that need biblical and Holy Spirit inspired answers”.

The walk of the pastor, leader or missionary is seen as a lonely path for many called and use of God both in the Church and the society. Issues of pastors and their family are sometime handle with disrespect, discontent and disgracefully by some if not all.

Over here at MLN Pastoral Clinic we treat pastoral issues transparently with soberness, dignity and respect and with the Holy Scripture on one hand and the work of the Holy Spirit at the other hand. With firm conviction and knowing that the office of the pastor is divinely called and Ordain by God.

Pastors are human not divine but called to serve and shepherd the folks of God. As human as they are may have human issues and challenges, face trails and temptation just like any other human being here on earth. MLN Pastoral Clinic is design to respond, address and diagnose these issues that the man and woman of God go through every day in life. These challenges the man called into the office of Pastor Leader are personal inner struggles and conflict that no one can read in the face and voice of the pastor. Today many pastors leave the ministry, some stay totally frustrated, disappointed and hurt inside and still some died before their time, yet much is expected of him or her to deliver and care for others while no one care for him/her or the family.

The Pastor need the Pastor to help him or her in their pastoral walk, to speak unto their live confidently, counsel them along the way, just like Jethro spoke into the life of Prophet Moses. Moses mentored Joshua; Paul was the father of Timothy, Titus and other. Every Apostle, Prophet, Evangelist, Pastor and Teacher needs a father in their life and walk. One who will mentor them and hold them responsible and accountable in every area of their life, walk and ministry.

As a Man of God and Woman of God do you have a Father in your Life and Ministry or you don’t? Consider it now and make the right decision and do the right thing. Do you need a Father and Mentor in your Life? It’s for this purpose that the Lord moves Rev Ed Arcton to found the Mission Leaders Network as an answer to many church leaders and pastors of our time. We are here to help, while not connect with us today.

Pastoral Care and Church Life

At Mission Leaders Network, you don’t have to go through a trial alone. Our experienced and dedicated team of Pastoral Care staff and volunteers are here to help! We offer many life changing ministries to help you overcome every challenge you face and get back on the path of victory! Please keep this information of Pastoral Care ministries in your Bible or another safe place, and don’t hesitate to contact us if you need us. We love and care about you as Pastor and your family. We are here to serve and to love.

Pastor and his family

In its most general sense, pastoral care refers to the ministries/services usually performed by a pastor. Some denominations of the Christian faith use the phrase to refer to more specific aspects of a pastor’s ministry, such as counseling and visitation. The core idea of “pastoral care” is that pastors are to care. The word pastor comes from the Latin word for “shepherd.” A pastor is to be a shepherd or caretaker of God’s flock. “Be shepherds of God’s flock that is under your care, serving as overseers—not because you must, but because you are willing, as God wants you to be; not greedy for money, but eager to serve; not lording it over those entrusted to you, but being examples to the flock” (1 Peter 5:2-3, emphasis added).

Many people have a misunderstanding of what exactly pastors do, thinking that their primary responsibility is preaching on Sunday and teaching sometime during the week day service in the local church. The joke that pastors only work one day a week could not be further from the truth. Beyond preparing and delivering a sermon, pastors provide biblical counseling, visit the sick and injured in hospitals, and disciple members of the congregation through physical visitation, normal phone calls, lunch time meetings, and other social engagements. Many pastors serve as chaplains in hospitals, the military, workplaces, schools, and prisons. All of these ministries are aspects of pastoral care.

In reality, pastoral-care ministries are just as valuable as the delivery of a sermon. Caring for a person who is struggling with a difficulty, being present during a time of pain, praying with someone in a crisis; these are the moments when spiritual breakthroughs occur. Ministering through a good, biblically sound sermon is absolutely necessary. But ministering through a personal touch, i.e., pastoral care is just as important.

There is another meaning of pastoral care that should be mentioned. Recognizing the tremendous amount of stress and burn-out many pastors experience, there are some ministries that use the phrase “pastoral care” to refer to ministry to pastors. Secluded locations where pastors can get away for a time, counseling ministries to pastors and their families, and even the pastoring of pastors are aspects of this form of pastoral care. Perhaps the best understanding of pastoral care is that pastors are to care for us, and we are to care for our pastors.
Mission Leaders Network primary task is to handles the affairs of the Local Pastor and his or her family as a priority and to care for their well being as head of the local Church.

Providing Care for the Local Pastors, their family and Ministry.

One on One Mentoring, Coaching and Discipleship for Pastors

Pastoral Counseling for young Pastor and Wife

Mission Leaders Network is committed to stand together with the pastor and his/her family in their walk with the Lord and confronting challengers in Ministry and their faith walk. Mission Leaders Network is committed to provide biblical advice and supports to Pastors and Church Leaders who open up to them in daily walk and difficult times and seasons.

Training Others to Serve.

Developing a pastoral care network in your congregation so that lay people can be trained to care for one another more effectively, even as care is also provided by those serving in official pastoral roles. If you’re not sure where to start, consider contacting the Mission Leader Network for support. Specific recommendations can be made to see the way forward.

Mentoring and Counseling

One on One Pastor’s Wife Mentoring and Counseling Pastor’s Wife

Pastor’s wives meet Pastor’s wife in Mentorship.
The Counseling Ministry offers free counseling services to Pastors and their family members. The Mission Leaders Network has counselors available to meet with you and family members who are dealing with personal or family challenges. Our professional counselors are dedicated to listening with compassion and offering sound biblical advice. Contact Us.

Prayer Support

Pastor family Prayer and their Walk and Ministry

Prayer Team is also ready to stand in the gap with you in the hour of need and support Pastors and their family in prayer, care and compassionate love. Connect with us.
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