Every Pastor and Every Church Leader Needs A Mentor. Do You Have One?

About Us

What is All About MLN

Who we are, why we are here, what we do and how we do what we do! This are some questions one will like to know and may want to ask and understands.

MLN is a network of Pastors and Christian leaders who believe in the integrity of the Holy Scriptures they teach and preach. Pastors and leaders whose lives are above reproach both within the local church and the community they live and work.  1Timothy 3:1-6

At Mission Leaders Network (MLN) we seeks to create an atmosphere of Love, transparency and truthfulness to engage the Christian leaders, the Pastor and missionary in responding and address challengers in their personal walk with Lord, family life and in Ministry. We do this through Mentorship, Coaching and Training. We welcome pastors and leaders to come along with us. Our Professional Services is based upon many years of experience in relationship and walk with the Lord providing true leaders with pastoral insight, foresight, crises management resolutions and other pastoral Services.

Yes, we’re awesome, calm and dedicated to serve in the best of our ability. “We are a passionate about what we do and take pride in our work , we know our service is for the Lord. We are committed to serve the CHURCH and our generation for Christ Jesus”.

Mission Leaders Network (MLN) seeks to works as a trainers, mentors, coaches and consultants for Pastors, local churches and the communities they live in. We seek to network with both overseas and local churches, mission agencies, denominational and non-denominational leaders, conferences and individuals.

We have worked with many churches in recent years. Our particular areas of expertise are in: “Pastoral and Missions Consultancy, Prayerforce creation for the local Church and world evangelization, Pastoral Leadership, Mentoring and Coaching, Family matters and Blending Biblical Education with secular Education system”.

Our facilitators provide supportive, cooperative, challenging opportunities for exploring group issues of all kinds. Unusual activities help you to challenge your assumptions, step out of your “comfort zone,” and break through the barrier of resistance to change. Expect to deepen your awareness of your impact. Action learning invites you to examine current behaviors and make the leap to more desirable behaviors. The training session’s help people overcome resistance and provide the framework for lifelong learning. Some of the outcomes participants are equipped to adopt are the ability to motivate others, lead decisively, communicate a compelling vision, and embrace change.

Our team is driven by your biblical values. We work with vision and mission statement every single day. We’ll support your Church or Ministry and help you to discover the path to succeed in the Bible way“.

Our vision

  1. Mission Leaders Network (MLN) exists to assist the global Christian Leaders community in fulfilling the Great Commission (Matt: 28:18-20; Mark 16:15; John 20:21) by providing Biblical counseling’s, security, training, and crisis management services within the Leadership of the Body of Christ.
  2. We are here to offer living hope to the hopeless, faith to the faithless and promising futures to all through the finished work on Calvary, especially, “the Christian leaders and Church Pastor”. “Seeking the welfare to those belonging to the five-fold ministerial household of faith”
  3. Our Vision is to see more and more Christian leaders and their congregations become committed followers of Jesus Christ, in the local Church, our community and in our generation and beyond.

Our values

Our values are embedded in who we are…
1. Accountable in all that we do
2. Creative in finding successful solutions through the Ministry of the Holy Spirit and Wisdom of the Holy Scriptures.
3. Outstanding in the quality of staff, resource and delivery
Results focused

  • To achieves the maximum for all those we serve and minister.
  • Nurturing to develop individuals who are resilient and self-determining.
  • Maintaining and sustaining Biblical Culture, Principles and Practice
  • Approaching and handling issues of life from Biblical perspective

Our Mission

Mission Leaders Network is a Pastoral care support initiative of the LMC Global Ministries. MLN work to assist and restores Pastors and Christian Leaders and their families by providing Christ-centered, holistic enrichment toward a focused and hopeful sense of calling and identity. With the primary aim of providing a bible base consultation, biblical sense of directions, and connecting them to available resources for strategic growth in a changing environment of ministry.


MLN is a ministry that provides encouragement, support and a word of hope that God will create new lives and new possibilities in the midst of turmoil and uncertainty in the life and ministry of the man and woman called by God to serve.

  1. To provide pastoral guidance for potential Pastors and Missionaries serving in their mission field of their calling and operation.
  2. To create a platform of sharing, encouraging and give other support for Ministers of the Gospel, particularly Christian leaders and Missionaries.
  3. To mobilize and organize prayer support for Ministers of the gospel locally and globally 
  4. To offer Biblical supports/counsel for Missionaries, Ministers of the Gospel and their families.
  5. We exist above all to Glorify God, Worship God, Serve God faithfully and Pray together in the Bible way.

Who we are

We’re Pastoral and Missionary Mentorship initiatives Consultancy

Mission Leader Network is a bible centered consultancy that provides a pastoral presence and support resources for Pastors, Christian Leaders, Church workers, Missionaries, their families and congregations in a number of key areas such as the following.

Mission Leaders Network is ….

  1. A resource for Pastors, Spouse, Church workers, their families and Christian leaders in times of need.
  2. A sanctuary where God is working out something new for a new beginning.
  3. A Pastoral Care and family hope Ministry Outreach initiatives for Christian Leaders.
  4. A safe place where difficult conversations are open and discuss for bible centered solutions and answers.
  5. A refuge home where Pastors, Church Leaders and Missionaries workers seek good health and healing from God.
  6. A help for Congregations in times of challenge and hard times.

Mission Leaders Network has been present when . . .

  1. A pastor needed to talk about deeply personal and family issues
  2. Engaging pastors, Christian Leaders and Church workers who wanted mutual support and encouragement
  3. Pastors wrestled with vocational issues and congregational expectations
  4. Conflicted congregations struggled during interim situations
  5. Divorced issues of Pastors and spouses who felt alienated and abandoned.

Our History

As an Apostolic and Priesthood ministry we focus on training, mentoring, pastoral skills development and Spiritual leadership growth network initiatives. Mission Leaders Network seeks to create the platforms and an conducive environment where accomplished Christian leaders with a proofing character and in good standing relationship in the local church and market place will interact one on one, share ideas and experiences with emerging Pastoral and Christian leaders through strategic mentoring and coaching, workshops, seminars, training and conferences.

Mission Leaders Network is supported by able and experience men and women of God who through years of experience and divine wisdom in ministry do in their position to help and mentor other Pastors and their family as they navigate their path into the future with faith and confident in the grace of God. Leaders who by the leading of the Spirit of God can impart many lives for the advancement of the work of God among pastors and leaders as long as they live and stay under God’s mighty hand truthfully and faithfully for God’s glory.