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Our Theology and Values

Statement of Faith


 “The Holy Bible is God’s Holy Word for all mankind.”
There is one eternal God who is creator, sustainer, and redeemer and who exists in three persons: Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. God is at work in the world to redeem creation and establish an eternal kingdom.

The Bible

The Bible is uniquely inspired by God as a revelation of his purpose and will, consequently, it is inerrant in all it teaches, entirely trustworthy, and of authority in all matters of faith and practice.

Jesus Christ

Jesus Christ is the Redeemer for all of humanity. He is fully God and fully human, he was born of a virgin, and as a man, he lived a life of perfect obedience to God. His substitutionary sacrifice, his bodily resurrection, and his ascension atoned for our sins and accomplished our salvation.

Holy Spirit

The Holy Spirit indwells the church corporately and every believer individually, equipping them with gifts for service and being present to guide them individually and corporately, to comfort, transform, and empower.

Sin and Salvation

Each member of the human race is created in the image of God to live in love and holiness. But every person is also tainted and damaged by sin and is accountable to God’s righteous judgment. Salvation is God’s gracious gift; those who repent and believe are “in Christ”. Their salvation is founded on the merits of Christ and is reflected in lives that are holy and pleasing to him.

The Church

The universal church is composed of all believers in the Lord Jesus Christ. The local church is composed of believers in a locality who gather regularly in Christ’s name for worship, prayer, fellowship, instruction, and to reach out to their communities, bringing the values of heaven to earth and making disciples of all nations.

Baptism and Communion

There are two ordinances that our Lord requires: baptism of believers in Christ, signifying new life and devotion to him as Saviour and Lord; and communion as a primary ongoing expression of remembrance and thanksgiving for the atoning death and resurrection life of Jesus Christ.

The Return of Christ

The promise of the personal return of the Lord Jesus Christ is a source of joy and hope for his people. The Kingdom of God, which has already begun, will reach its fulfillment when Jesus returns in power and great glory to reign forever and ever. His return will consummate his kingdom of peace and fulfill the promises made to Israel and the church. Everyone will be accountable to him on that day when he brings about righteous judgment on all who have ever lived. This truth is an ongoing incentive to holy living and faithful service for every believer.

Code of Ethics

MLN Statement of Ethics and Faith

We believe in God the Father, sovereign and creator, who has made men and women in His image, giving them identity, value, and dignity; we believe in Jesus Christ, God’s son and the Savior of men and women through His life, death, and resurrection, who calls them to live as His disciples, under His lordship, and according to His example; believe in the Holy Spirit who enables men and women to live in the power of God according to His Word and glory.

MLN Global Ethical Statement

Members and Affiliated Networks are committed to:

Faith Commitment

To subscribe to the Liberation Mission For Christ Statement of Faith, affirming their commitment to Biblical Christian faith, and conduct their personal, ministry, and financial affairs in a manner that reflects these accepted truths and practices.

Personal Integrity

Practicing in personal and public life those aspects and values that they preach in regard to love, faith, Christian character, compassion, obedience, and service

Ministry Accountability

Conducting all their activities with high moral, ethical, and financial integrity. Leaders will have their integrity held accountable by a knowledgeable Board whilst individuals will be accountable to a Head of Department, Church Pastor or Minister.


Acknowledging that ministry flows and grow out of relationship and will therefore seek to build relationships and positive cooperation both with those they serve, other ministries and reputable service organizations.


Being faithful to their own specific calling from God and to work together to ensure that they disciple the lost and the broken people they reach for Christ or to refer them to others who can do it more effectively.


Acknowledging that leadership is first expressed in servant hood and will therefore commit themselves to serving and equipping those to whom God has called them to minister.

Resource Accountability

Acknowledging God’s gifting of workers, volunteers and donors and to hold themselves responsible for financial accountability, good stewardship, gratitude and accurate communication of ministry needs, activities and gifts and how they are used.

Member/Staff/Client Rights

Recognizing the power of the counseling, healing/deliverance/therapeutic/helping relationship and to maintain clear boundaries for their ‘members/clients’. To ensure they do not engage in activities to meet their own personal or ministry needs at the expense of their members/clients. Neither will they engage in, or condone, emotional, financial, physical, verbal, sexual or spiritual abuse.


Respecting member/team/client confidentiality and choices as well as other people’s ministry styles.

This and more shall constitute the professional ethics of MLN and its relationship and membership.

Ministerial Values

We will honor the reality that all who are in Christ Jesus are one, by accepting and loving all who are his.

We will honor the corresponding truths that local churches are:

  • Independent and responsible for their own leadership and activities.
  • Interdependent in that they need the benefits of giftedness, encouragement, guidance and fellowship of others.

We will honor the truth that all believers are uniquely gifted by the Spirit of God. Those who are gifted and called to lead are responsible to do so in a manner that enables every member of the Body of Christ to become all God has designed them to be as ambassadors in his service.

We will honor the New Testament pattern and precept of deliberate diversity of gifting in team leadership of the church. These team leaders must be individuals of character, devotion and maturity, with a willingness to lead, reach, correct, shepherd and teach faithfully. They are affirmed by their congregations for agreed-upon terms of service.

We will honor the freedom of the Holy Spirit to raise up people from among us to serve our churches and ministry agencies either part-time or full-time and we will support them as needed We will honor the specific request of Jesus Christ to “remember him” by frequent observation of the Lord’s Supper

We will honor the diversity of the creative hand of God by showing respect and acceptance to all his people, regardless of race, gender, culture or social class.

We will honor the truth that the poor, disadvantaged and oppressed are special (blessed) people in the eyes of God. We will seek to take the initiative in reaching out to them with compassion, respect and truth, working together with others for justice, freedom and peace.

We will honor the mandate given to us at the creation to care for God’s good earth by teaching and practicing environmental (ecological) stewardship

We will honor the holiness and righteousness of God by rejecting all that the Bible declares to be sinful, in order that we may live lives that are beyond reproach, pleasing our God and Savoir Jesus Christ.