Every Pastor and Every Church Leader Needs A Mentor. Do You Have One?

Family Life

All change comes from deepening your understanding of the salvation of Christ and living out the changes that understanding creates in your heart.

By Timothy J. Keller

Pastor’s Family

Our Vision

To see pastoral families persevering in ministry, developing a healthy church, and leading in community transformation by leading people to the cross and revealing God’s Love manifest in His Beloved Son, Jesus Christ to mankind.

We know that ministry is very exciting in seeing how God is working and providing, but can also be a real drain on your family with the long hours. You have spent so much time pouring into other families so now is the time to pour into your family and your marriage. 

Pastors, you Need a Safe Place to turn.

To finish well, pastors need those who will come alongside them to provide outside encouragement, counsel, and accountability.

This enables them to live and serve out of spiritual, emotional, and relational well-being. The ministry of Mission Leaders Network wants to do everything possible to provide ministry support to pastors and their families effectively and conveniently as possible.

Many leaders have expressed a desire for their pastor and spouse, staff, or church leaders to come to our ministry office, but due to jobs, time, distance, etc. it is challenging. MLN can bring our ministry to the Pastors office and the local church.

What We Offer

Pastors’ wives need others who can come alongside and support them in their unique role, which is why we’ve created this ministry just for you. Learn more about our specific ministry offerings to pastors’ wives below.

One on One Care

We offer safe, confidential, and personalized one-on-one care counseling for pastors’ wives and pastoral couples. This is for ne week-long intensives or more.  We also provide confidentiality and privacy for everyone that comes to us for biblical counseling. Whatever your need is, if you’re a pastor’s wife we’re here for you and your family.

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The Confidante for Pastors’ Wives

We have resource personal for pastors’ wives to have a safe place where they can ask questions, prayer requests, or struggles. Our purpose is to provide an open space for pastors’ wives to come alongside and encourage one another and act as confidantes for other pastors’ wives in ministry. All members are vetted to ensure this is truly a safe place.

Blogs for Pastors’ Wives

Our calling is to help those who are living the life of a pastor’s wife. Writing a blog to pastors’ wives is a privilege and a task we take seriously. Our hope is to provide you with inspiration to follow Christ, insights to fulfill your role, information that is practical, and boosts of encouragement to propel you down the path of ministry.

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Events for Pastors’ Wives

Pastors’ wives need the support and encouragement of others who understand their unique role, which is why we host events just for pastors’ wives to get together in person. Check out the events page for more details on upcoming events made just for you.

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For Pastors’ Kids

We believe that every pastor’s kid has a purpose beyond just being “the pastor’s kid.” We created this ministry with the belief that every pastor’s kid deserves a safe place to be real and find community with other Pastor’s Kids. We exist to remind each individual who has parents serving in ministry that they are seen, loved, important, and heard.

We believe God has good plan for every Pastor’s Kid’s no matter the circumstance they may be facing today or tomorrow.  We provide biblical guidance and lead them through the knowledge of the Holy Scripture, prayer for them as we depend on the leadership of the Holy Spirit at all time.

What we Do

Pastoral Clinic

Prayer for Pastors

Pastoral Consultant

Life Mentorship

We’re here for you & Church.

While not connect with us and let us bring the ministry of Mission Leaders Network to you and to your church. Let’s Talk here